We can't run our home swim meets without your help - plus it is fun to get involved!

Swim Team Volunteers

It is time for all swim team families to sign up to volunteer at All City and the remaining Swim Team events that are upcoming....we can't do it without you!

Shorewood Swim Team: Step Right Up and Volunteer!

Shorewood hosts three home swim meets this season. Each Shorewood swim family is required to volunteer to work at each home meet in which your swimmer(s) competes, and to bring a concession item to each meet where you have a swimmer competing. 

   We also need volunteers for the All City Swim Meet at Middleton at the end of the season (click here (access code = yee2013) to volunteer as a Timer or Clerk of Course for All City 2013.

Click here (access code = yee2013) to help stock a cooler with snacks or drinks for Shorewood's awesome coaches at All City).

Click here (access code = yee2013) to help with the furry of the end of season events (tie-dye, pancake breakfast, and some All City traditions)

Easy signup is on this page online.  There are lots of opportunities and options, and no experience is needed to work at the meets (we will train you on-site).  If you provide your email when signing up, you will receive automatic reminders the day before their shift. (We don’t want you to forget!)

The 2013 season of home meets is over, but here are descriptions of all the positions here. For all home meets we will also have links to sign up for your volunteer slots/concession items. Thanks for all your help and support – you, the parents, help make Shorewood Swim Team THE BEST!

    Announcers: Located in the shaded balcony of the community center, this post has a "birds eye" view. Must feel comfortable with a microphone and name pronunciation.

Awards: Everyone is excited to see you here! Sort, organize and hand out both winner ribbons and participation ribbons. Also stand on deck to congratulate the heat winners. Other duties include posting results.

Clerk of Course: This is where all the action is! Greet our 10 and under swimmers and seat them in the proper order. When the time is right, lead them to the blocks. This job is best suited for a calm and patient parent who can stay organized under pressure. But the rewards are numerous. The kids have a great energy right before their swim. Not to mention the best seat in the house.
Computers/Scoring: Another great position for someone who would like shade and a great unobstructed view of the pool from the Community Center balcony. The best candidate for this job would be comfortable using a number pad and using it quickly. It is an easy thing to learn.
Concessions: Feed the crowd! This post requires stocking food and drink, serving and making change. You will have opportunity to step away and catch your swimmer, but this job is the most removed from the pool deck. If you have little kids to keep an eye on, this is a good job to have them near by.
Officials: Must be qualified/certified to do his job....INTERESTED? Scott Lindstom can help with that. As can any official. Speak to one of the officials or any parent on the parent committee. It's a great job and you get to look... well, official.

Timer/Runner: This job is a splash...literally. Get right on the edge of the pool and press the button on your stop watch. It's that easy. As a volunteer in this area you may be required to be a runner. Yet another easy job of picking up the timers sheets and sending them up to scoring. 

Meet Marshall: A person in this position needs to assert their authority in maintaining the proper traffic flow to and from behind the blocks and into clerk of course.  This position will have a stool to sit on, we can save your feet while you use your voice! This position will be on deck and close to the action....hence the need for marshalling!