We are the friendliest pool in the Madison area!!  YEEE!!!


Shorewood Hills Pool has an amazing staff of managers, lifeguards, coaches and instructors, concessions workers, and check-in folks.

You'll see lots of friendly, smiling faces....and soon call Shorewood Hills Pool your second home.

General Manager: Amanda Ellmaker: Hello! I am excited to be back at Shorewood as the general manager. I have been working for the pool in some capacity since 2010, but took a “gap” year last summer. Now I am back and more excited than ever to spend my summer at Shorewood. One of my favorite parts about the Shorewood Hills Pool is that even with its large size, it has a very strong “one big family” vibe. Being a part of that community and getting to know all of the wonderful members is almost as refreshing as the water itself. We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2022 season and can’t wait to see you all poolside!

2022 Assistant Managers - Owen Cranley, Phoebe Link, Molly Messner, Signe Nettum, Natalie Schick, Dane Sheehan, Jaden Weiss, Joe Cranley

SWIM TEAM HEAD COACHES: Owen Cranley, Jaden Weiss

SWIM TEAM ASSISTANT COACHES: Joe Cranley, Jackie House, Molly Messner, Eliza Miller, Natalie Pollock, Natalie Schick, Dane Sheehan, Anna Tracy

"LITTLE SHARKS" COACHES:  Taylor Carbon, Ben Collins, Eliza Miller, Austin Sheehan, Anna Wickizer


13 & over: Owen Cranley, Molly Messner, Jaden Weiss

9 &10: Dane Sheehan, Eliza Miller, Jackie House, Natalie Pollock

11&12: Owen Cranley, Molly Messner, Natalie Schick

8 & under: Jaden Weiss, Joe Cranley, Natalie Pollock, Anna Tracy

DIVE TEAM COACHES: Molly Hampton, Rian Wells, Hope Imaizumi

WATER BALLET COACHES: Elyse Ford, Estella McMurray