We are the friendliest pool in the Madison area!!  YEEE!!!


Shorewood Hills Pool has an amazing staff of managers, lifeguards, coaches and instructors, concessions workers, and check-in folks.

You'll see lots of friendly, smiling faces....and soon call Shorewood Hills Pool your second home.

Manager:  Chris Carbon  Chris has been with Shorewood Hills Pool.....well, a long time.  He is amazing.  He is one of the big reasons the pool is so well-run, so fun, so friendly, and so safe. 

Be sure to say "hey" to Chris next time you see him out and about!

2012 Assistant Managers - coming soon! 

SWIM TEAM HEAD COACHES:  Dan Graham and Ben Miskowski

SWIM TEAM ASSISTANT COACHES:  Katie Radspinner, Tina King, Ben Bauch, Amanda Ellmaker, Sarah Lindstrom

SWIM TEAM COACH HELPERS:  Luke Landgraf, Ilsa Feierabend, Peter Faecke (will help with Little Sharks and 8 & unders)


13 & over:  Dan Graham, Amanda Ellmaker

9 &10:  Sarah Lindstrom, Katie Radspinner, Ben Bauch, Ben Miskowski

11&12:  Dan Graham, Ben Bauch

8 & under: Tina King, Katie Radspinner, Amanda Ellmaker, Ben Miskowski

DIVE TEAM COACHES:  Josh Williams and Sigrid Stevensvold

WATER BALLET COACH:  Katie Radspinner