Come join our "pool family", and find out what makes swimming at Shorewood so much fun!  We would love to see you on deck!


Thank you for your interest in joining the Shorewood Hills Pool. We pride ourselves on having a lot of fun while simultaneously offering quality programs for members of all ages and abilities.  
Please see our Membership Packet off to the right if you are interested in joining our 2021 season. 


Shorewood Resident


August Only
Resident and Non-Resident
August 1 – September 1


$ 538

$ 700

$ 241


$ 377

$ 491

$ 171


$ 215

$ 280

$ 100

Senior Citizen Two-Person

$ 301

$ 392

$ 137

Senior Citizen Single

$ 172

$ 224

$ 75



Pool Members (Resident and Non-Resident):      Rates
Babysitter Card (limit 1)                                             $ 50.00
5-Pack of Guest Passes                                            $ 30.00
Pool Parties                                                               $ 6.00/person (maximum 20 guests)
Individual Houseguest Passes                                  $ 12.00/day or $30.00/week (7 consecutive days)
Family Houseguest Passes                                       $ 24.00/day or $60.00/week (7 consecutive days)
Extended Individual Houseguest Pass                      $ 120.00/ 30-day pass
Replacement Card                                                     $ 5.00/card

Shorewood Hills Village Resident Non-Pool Member:                     Rates

Village Resident Day Pass (limit 10/season)                                         $ 6.00/day
Village Resident Individual Houseguest passes (1 Day)                       $12.00/day
Village Resident Family Houseguest passes (1 Day)                           $ 24.00/day

Note:  Please click here to see membership policies for applicability of above passes.

Shorewood Hills Pool Membership Request - please fill out the following request form to receive the appropriate registration materials in the mail.  Alternatively, you may request additional information by calling the Shorewood Hills Village Hall at 608-267-2680, or by sending an email to