Shorewood Pool Summer 2023 Email Updates!

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July 15th 2023: Water Ballet Show Tonight 7/17 @ 8:30pm Unfortunately the storm could not stay away and postponed the water ballet show, but we will have round 2 tonight! The doors will open at 8:15 and the show will start at 8:30!

Just a reminder to all the water ballerinas- We will start the entire show over so everyone should attend tonight. Make sure you wear your costume and bring all your props to the pool!

July 15th 2023 : Water Ballet Dress Rehearsal (Saturday 7/15) Water Ballet Show (Sunday 7/16)

Hi everyone!
We have a few things going on this weekend that we wanted to let you know about.

Saturday 7/15- Water Ballet Rehearsal

Water Ballet Dress Rehearsal:  The deep-end of the pool will close early at 7:00PM for the water ballet dress rehearsal and music will be playing over the PA-system.  Lap swimming (Short Course) and open swim will remain open in the shallow half of the pool.  The wading pool will also remain open.

Sunday 7/16 - Water Ballet Show/Ice Cream Social/L&F Resale

Water Ballet Show:  The pool will close at 5pm for our annual water ballet show.  Here is the schedule of events.  Keep reading below for details

  • 5pm - Pool closed
  • 7pm - IceCream Social and Lost&Found Resale
  • 7:15pm - Dunk Tank
  • 8:30pm - Gates Open
  • 8:45pm - Show starts

Lost and Found Resale 7-8pm
We will host our 2nd re-sale of all of the unclaimed lost and found items since our last sale.  All items will be sold for amounts between $1-$5, and all proceeds will benefit the pool membership grant program.  All items that are not purchased at the re-sale will be donated.  

Dunk Tank and Ice Cream Social
Starting at 7:00pm IceCream will be served out in front of the building.  At 7:15pm, you will have a chance to dunk your favorite staff member!  The cost is $5 for 2 throws and all proceeds will go to benefit the pool membership grant program.  At 8:15pm, we will have an auction for the opportunity to dunk our VIP staff members, just before the gates open for the show.  It's a lot of fun and you don't want to miss it!

June 29th 2023 : Opening pushed back to 5pm Thursday June 29th 

Hi everyone,

The air quality index is currently 234 so we are going to delay opening the pool. If the AQI lowers we will open at 5:00. We will continue to monitor the air quality and I will send an email at 4:00 with an update. I appreciate your patience and support as we work to keep our staff and members safe. 

June 28th 2023 : No Thursday 5/29 Morning Activities, Lessons Switched to Friday

Hi all!

Since the air quality has not improved, we will be canceling morning lap swim (5:45 am-7:45 am), swim team, dive team, swim lessons, and water aerobics. We will open tomorrow at 12:30 pm for adult lap swim and open swim at 1:15 pm. Water ballet practice will continue tomorrow evening.

Swim Lessons

Tomorrow (Thursday) was scheduled to be the last day of Session 1 lessons. Since it is the last day of lessons, we will move lessons to Friday. Friday, all swimmers/divers will receive their report card from their lesson teacher, and Session 2 sign up will open Friday, June 30th at 1:30 pm. To sign up for lessons you will need your Perfect Mind username and password. Here is the link to sign up for lessons: Report cards will say what level your child should be in for Session 2. If your child did not pass their current level, they should repeat the same level. If they pass you should sign your child up for the next level. Just a reminder that you may only sign up your child for swim lessons or dive lessons, not both. 

With the addition of lessons on Friday, our morning schedule will be a little different. There will be 2 short course lanes available from 10:30- 12:00, and 4 long course lanes starting at 12:00 pm. Open swim will begin at 1:15. 
Thanks for your understanding.

June 28th 2023 : Pool Closed Wednesday June 28th

Hi Shorewood Members,

Due to the extremely poor air quality conditions the pool will be closed today, Wednesday June 28th. 

Water Ballet: We will still have water ballet, but practice will be held upstairs in the community room. 

Dive Meet @ Middleton: The dive meet has been cancelled. For any dive questions contact Coach Molly.

We appreciate your patience and support as we try to keep our staff and members safe. We will continue to monitor air quality as weather conditions are expected to improve in the coming days.

June 27th 2023 : No Swim Lessons Wednesday 6/28, Pool to open at 12:30pm

Hi Shorewood Members,
Due to the ongoing and worsening air quality in Madison, we are canceling all swim and dive practices as well as swim/dive lessons, and water aerobics. The health and safety of every Shorewood member remains the focus, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for you tomorrow. 

We will open for adult swim at 12:30pm and open swim at 1:15pm. 

June 16th 2023 : Home Dive Meet Tonight and Member Party Sunday 6/18

Hi Shorewood Members!
Today we have our first home dive meet and Sunday is our first member party. Keep on reading for more details!
Short Course Format @ 3:45- We have our first home dive meet tonight vs Hawks Landing and our first Starts and Turns practice for swim team so we will be switching to our short course format at 3:45. At 4:00 the deep end of the pool will be closed until the dive meet is over. 

BRATS/HOTDOGS (5-7:30pm)

As a thank you for your membership we wanted to invite you to come down for a "Shorewood Pool Membership Party" this Sunday 6/18 from 5-8pm.  The party will include food, and root beer floats!  This will also be the kickoff for our Inflatable Wibit Obstacle Course and Log Rolling that we'll be putting out on Sunday evenings moving forward! See details below.

ROOT BEER FLOATS:  Vanilla Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream and root beer for the best Root Beer Floats in town! ($2) money will go towards our Shorewood Pool Grant/Scholarship program.

BRATS/HOT DOGS:  We will be grilling brats ($2) and hot dogs ($1). We will also have a "tip jar" out to help raise money for our Shorewood Pool Grant/Scholarship program.

WIBIT OBSTACLE COURSE AND LOG ROLLING:  We are excited to kick off two attractions we will be offering this summer on Sunday evenings.  In the diving well we will have our Wibit Obstacle course.  In the other deep corner of the pool we will have our log rolling log out.  Both are fun and challenging for all ages, so come on down and give it a try!


May 26th 2023 : Opening Day, TOMORROW!

Shorewood members,

I just wanted to shoot out a quick email to everyone reminding you that we open for the season TOMORROW (Saturday 5/27) at 11:00am. Here is the  
2023 Shorewood pool schedule, but remember that our early season hours are 11:00am-12:30pm (adult swim & wading pool) 12:30-7:00pm (open swim) every day of the week. Regular season hours start Saturday, June 10th.

If you are new members or returning members who needed replacement cards, Fill out THIS FORM. Unfortunately, Perfect Mind cannot identify our new members. Filling out the Google form is our only way to know if you need a card. Once you fill out the form our managers will be notified and will print your card(s).  We will print them out and have them ready in a small envelope at the front desk. 

Also, if you have already purchased guest passes, you can pick them up when you come to the pool. A checker or lifeguard will be able to help you at the front desk.

If you registered to participate in our first session of lessons, we will have a roster (with times and levels, but not instructors) posted by Monday morning, 5/29, at the pool for you to double check.  Once lessons are posted, anyone who did NOT get their choice of time slot can stop by the manager's office to see what openings we have. We will have openings, but they may not be the time slot you prefer.
Because I know how excited everyone will be to get to the pool ASAP, I wanted to give a friendly reminder to please drive carefully (and slowly!) when you are coming or leaving the pool.  There are lots of people, many of which are children, around the area and we want to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible.  We also want to make sure we are being good neighbors to the people that live near the pool.  Your help is much appreciated.

Also, we have parking passes available at the checker desk and managers office, stop by and pick one up.

It looks like it's going to be perfect pool weather for a fantastic opening weekend!  We hope to see you all down here.