Shorewood Pool is one of the GREATEST places on earth to work!


If you love people and aquatics and are looking for the best place to spend your summer, look no further than Shorewood Pool!

Shorewood Pool is a fun, busy place with a true community feel, having many familiar faces returning each day. We pride ourselves on creating a contagiously positive atmosphere, in making the pool one of the most enjoyable destinations to visit, and for simply having the best group of people that you will find anywhere!

The Pool Committee is seeking staff members who are dependable, responsible, and who enjoy hard work, but who can also enjoy the fun and enthusiastic nature of an outdoor pool. There is a well-balanced mix of work and fun throughout the summer, and we continually enjoy the many staff members who return each year for another season. We are conveniently located on the near west-side of Madison, just past the UW Hospital near the campus with easy access from multiple bus routes or bike.

The facility is amazing - click here for more info about Shorewood Pool. Our pool operates on seasonal memberships that are open to both Shorewood Hills residents as well as those from all-around the Madison area. A typical day at the pool will incorporate open swim times as well as organized programs that include swim and dive lessons, swim and dive teams, water ballet, masters swimming, and water aerobics. The pool is generally in use from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM. In addition, we host events such as a water ballet show, a triathlon, swim and dive meets, and various membership events.

If you would like to learn more about employment, please email the Pool Manager at