The pool has been around for decades....and this maybe why it's one of Madison's FAVORITES.

History of Pool

The history of Shorewood Hills Pool really begins with a question - why build a pool in the first place? Isn't Shorewood Hills located near a big lake?

Yes, it is near a lake - Lake Mendota! - but the lake is remote from many of those who want to swim, and really cannot likely be used as long in the season as a heated pool, and it isn't the best place to hold competitive swimming races or diving competitions. Thus, the idea for a community pool sprang up in the 1960s.  And it eventually was approved by the appropriate channels and agreement was reached in the late 1960s that a pool was to be constructed.

The Village of Shorewood Hills purchased a wonderful 7.2 acre parcell of land, known as the Post Farm, in December of 1968.  It was the ideal place for a pool and community center.

Shorewood Hills Pool and the adjoining community center were built during the years 1969-1970, and the facility was opened at a dedication ceremony on July 18, 1970.

Major pool renovations took place in 1996-97, and it was at this time that the pool was restructured so that more regulation Olympic-length lanes were available, and it was also at this time that the concessions building was added to the mix.  The "new" Shorewood Hills Pool opened in the summer of 1997.  And yes, everyone, this is a fabulous heated pool (because this is Wisconsin, after all).

And the rest is we all have the fabulous Shorewood Hills Pool that so many people enjoy.



Courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society - a group portrait of six members of the Shorewood Hills swim team, winners of the annual Madison city swimming meet. The girls, sitting on the rock, from left, are: Jane Gregg, Nancy Blume, and Judy Hicks. The boys, from left, are: Bruce Mohs, Jeff Blume, and Joe Irwin. Also shown, to the extreme left, is Maple Bluff swimmer Barbara Ford who placed first in diving and third in free style.  Circa 1949.